Saturday, December 1, 2012

Homemade Feminine Wash?

You've seen that many television/ newspaper ads for feminine washes. As a result, many women believe there is something wrong with the smell of their vulva (the external part of the vagina) and vagina. 

Women reproductive system

Your vagina is self-cleaning and doesn't need special products or douching, which only upsets its natural acid balance. 

Douching is like cleaning kasi pancut dalam..x sakit pun...hehe
I selalu douching but using plain water..especially after last day menstrual..kasi clean lebih..

Some said..douching exposes your vagina to harmful bacteria and infection. *I think its okay if you use delicate product or just warm water..

Many feminine-hygiene products also contain harmful chemicals that can enter your bloodstream. Alkaline products like soap leave your vagina and vulva prone to infection.

How to wash our...?

Water (The best remedy)..

  • Wash your vulva using warm water each day as you shower or bathe. Plain warm water is the best feminine wash you can use. You may also use hot / boiled water dalam baldi (letak air separuh baldi)...letak 5-7 sudu garam, and after that squat ..*kangkang diatas baldi tersebut and biarkan wap2 air panas itu meresap di vagina kita dalam 10 minit, 2 kali seminggu....Ini sangat membantu membersihkannya dengan selamat...ini turun temurun mak kawan saya..

White Vinegar (Cuka)

  • Mix one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar with one cup of water. Pour this onto your vulva; then rinse with water. This homemade feminine wash will leave your vulva odor-free. Since it's nontoxic, you won't experience breakouts or rashes as you may with soap.

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